Julie & Julia

I thought it would be fitting to provide an opinion on the movie that got me started this whole blog thing. I’m still not sure what a ‘blog’ really means, but I suppose it can be whatever we make of it. Nobody is reading this right now I’m sure, but take my picture; I’m going to be a star.

Julie & Julia. A movie based off a blog about a woman who went through Julia Child’s cookbook. A revolutionary woman in the cuisine world and a nobody from the United States made a name for herself. She got a book out of it, a movie with Meryl Streep. I suppose the nameless shouldn’t criticize the named.  I related to Julie; with her love for cooking and trying to find a place in this world. The two at first glace don’t seem to have much in common, however the more I keep writing the more I see a connection. The way you put together a proper meal is the way many people live their lives. You start with ingredients that are to make up the meal; the people in our lives are the ingredients. There are some you will put into the dish for flavour but in the end they get pushed to the side. The main ingredient, the one that all of the other ingredients are complimenting, well that is you. You try and surround yourself with the people you care for, and even though some are there just for flavour, they become a vital role in the finish product. Then there is the courses. Start with something light, generic, and entirely useless in a 5 course meal. Then comes the anti-pasta; a part of the meal that seems like it will never go away. For some reason there is always this dish, and for some reason you love it. Simple, generic, yet defined and loved by many. After the main course there is the sweetest part, dessert. Simple ingredients that make up the most beloved part of the meal. Sweet indulgence. Many refuse the dessert, but those who don’t get the best treat of all. It’s fun, sexy, comforting, and above all else a little bit naughty. For me, Julie & Julia was the dessert. It was surprisingly a good movie about a woman’s 15 minutes of fame. – Let’s be honest, a dessert that lasts more than 15 minutes probably is missing an ingredient or two

This blog isn’t to try and give a review on the movie alone; it’s about how I felt while watching it, and the impact that this movie has had in my life. Will the impact last? Some have, some has been a passing influence; but none have them been unimportant. I have friends who tell me that I have spent too much time and money on movies, and I can’t say they’re wrong, but they don’t understand my emotional connection to these movies. It’s an escape from a rather dull life that is only now going in a general direction. For Julie Powell it took her until she was 30 years old to find a path in her life, I’m only 23 years old. I’m not waiting. I’m doing it right now.

Julia Child: These damn things are as hot as a stiff cock!

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