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As a student I have quite a bit of free time on my hand that should be spent doing something productive. Procrastination has become a necessity rather than a nuisance. Since I was 16 I started collecting, if you will, movies of all different genres, languages, ratings. I don’t rent, I only buy; and I can only imagine what kind of house I could afford if I hadn’t picked up this nasty habit. Popcorn filled hours, permanent butt couch crease, countless hours trying to find a movie that has been placed in another case. It might seem useless to you, or it might be like you’re looking into a mirror. August 15th 2010. 465 movies. I will buy, I will have more as times goes on, but my opinion of them will stay the same.

I would love to have comments about which movies you would like to see my write about. I am open to anything, as my collection is very vast.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Kaymayer – I wanted to introduce myself. I am Peter of Magic Lantern Film Blog and I noticed that you left a few nice comments on my blog…so thank you very much for that. I was just looking through your own site. It has a nice, clean look. Have you just started this blog? Where are you a student at? Studying what, if I may ask? If you would like me to put you on my Blogroll, just let me know…especially once you start getting more content up. I’d like to know what your favorite films are….just to know what your taste of movies is. Also, are you on FB or anything? Some of us bloggers are linked on that — as friends and as fans of each others sites. Tell me more about yourself. Good luck with the blog…hope to see more of you on my site and I will of course, visit yours….

    • kaymayer says:

      Hi there! I actually just started my blog this past week, and I’m very excited to start expanding it an actually creating a blog I can be proud of. I’m a student at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada doing my undergrad in Adult Development & Family Well-being. It’s so hard to pick favourite films, as I’m sure you feel the same way as a movie lover, but you can check out my second post https://kaymayer.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/list-this-what-you-can-expect/ where I give a bit of an overview on which movies are my favourite in each genre. I actually saw one of your posts on ListVerse that you had submitted and found your blog that way. When I decided on writing a blog on my experiences with film I’ll admit ‘Magic Lantern Film Blog’ was an inspiration. I am on FB, you can search me ‘Kayla Teresa’ and I’d be happy for the add and to meet other bloggers! Thank you so much for the kind words and I hope to see you around the interwebz!

  2. B. Ninaber says:

    Hi, i just have to say I like the look of your blog. Commenting on one of these things is quite new to me, matter of fact this is the first one i’ve read ever.
    I stumbled upon it by accident, while going through pictures of E. Norton on google. I like to think of myself as quite the collector. So as soon as i started reading your blog i ran in to some simularities. We have around the same numbers of films and we both started around the same age collecting. Unfortunally i find myself in a bit of a financial pickle(maybe thats a good thing^^). I always wanted to write a movie review but never came around to it, this is a real motivation. I’m very curious which titles your collection consists of, maybe we can even compare some or exchange favorites. Sometimes i run out of ideas of what to watch next. I’m really interrested in good movies from the 80’s and 90’s its only to bad that the trailer quality isn’t always up to date. Let alone the comments about it. I’m very looking forward to your answers, there arn’t that many people in my circle of friends that have either seen or own the titles that we do. Let alone bounce ideas of.

    • kaymayer says:

      I unfortunately had to take a break from writing this past month as personal things have come up that hasn’t given me time to write. I will be back soon and ready to watch and write! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the movies I’ll be choosing to view. Thanks for visiting and I hope to talk to you soon.

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